mardi 5 mars 2013

The Disease of a “Complaining Spirit”

In the Kingdom of the King of Kings, in the city of “Praise,” there lived a child of God.  Once he began to associate with a man who lived in the country of “Religion,” in the city of “Discontent,” on the street of  ՛՛Bitterness՛՛, and he caught a strange disease.  Because of this illness, he changed beyond recognition and no one who saw him could tell that he was a child of God.  The symptoms were increasing all of the time.  He lost his memory.  He was forgetting to pray, forgetting to sing the praise of God, and forgetting about the love of the heavenly Father.  He remembered all of the sad things and forgot the glad ones.  He remembered his distresses and forgot his blessings.  His eyesight got worse.  He could see the clouds, but not the sun.  He could see the thunderstorms and the rain, but not the rainbows.  He saw the thorns but not the roses.  He became so distracted that he lost many gifts that the King of Kings had given to all citizens of His kingdom.  He lost his joy, peace, victory, hope, and other good gifts.  At last, he decided to consult a doctor.  So he went to the Doctor called "Word of God'' and told Him about all the symptoms.  The skillful and experienced Doctor immediately gave the diagnosis: “You have become ill with the disease ‘complaining spirit.’  In these days, the devil spreads this virus everywhere.  It is a very serious disease, and you need an immediate cure, otherwise it can lead to spiritual death.”  The doctor recommended that he go to the pharmacy of the “Scriptures” and take some medicine from, “Romans 8:28,” “Psalm 92:1, 2,” “Psalm 77:11,” and other useful medicines.  He also explained to the patient how to use them.  
Doctor—Take the medicine of “Romans 8:28.”  You must use it in this way: always remember that not only “many things” or “most of the things” work together for the good of those who love God, but all things.  Whatever happens, God controls every situation, and all of the circumstances will work together for your good.  Always use the medicines called “Psalm 92:1, 2” and “Psalm 77:11.”  Every morning declare His lovingkindness and His faithfulness every night.  Remember all the works of the Lord and remember His wonders of old.  You also need some helpful exercises.  The most efficient is the exercise called “In everything give thanks” (1 Thessalonians 5:18).
Patient— How must I do it?
Doctor—Whatever distress you have, even if you have many sorrows, or you are in very difficult situations, you must thank the Lord because His will is always good and perfect.
Patient— This is a very difficult exercise.
Doctor—It will be easy if you use the medicine “Romans 8:28” in a regular manner, and if you do the preliminary training—two exercises which are called “Rejoice always” and “Pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:16, 17).  If you do these two exercises and use the medicines in a regular manner, the exercise called “In everything give thanks” will be very easy.  Another helpful exercise is singing praise songs.  I would recommend the songs “It Is Well with My Soul,” “It Is Glory Just to Walk with Him,” “I Surrender All,” and other songs that glorify the King of Kings.  Also you must count your blessings daily.  Surely, there are more than can be numbered, but try to make a list of all the blessings that the Lord gives you every day.  Be careful; count your problems and cares in any way.
Patient—What must I do with my problems and cares?
Doctor—Take them to the King (1 Peter 5:7, Psalm 55:22, Phil. 4:6).  When you entrust them to Him, never try to take them back.
Patient—All right, how long must I use these medicines and do the exercises?
Doctor—For all of your life!  After healing takes place, you must continue to use these medicines to avoid this disease of a “complaining spirit” recurrence.  Not only can they cure this disease, but they also prevent it.  Also, take the “praise vitamins” which can be found on the shelf the “Book of Psalms” in the pharmacy of the “Scriptures.”
  The child of God wanted so much to be healed, that is why he observed carefully all the prescriptions of the Doctor “Word of God.”  All the symptoms disappeared in a short time, and he was completely healed.  Now he is singing songs every day, praying without ceasing, and always rejoices.  Whatever happens he always says, ''What my Lord is doing, I do not understand now, but I will understand it some day.’’  When he meets a dweller of the city of Discontent, he is never infected again but he advises them to consult the Doctor ''Word of God'' and to go to the pharmacy of the “Scriptures.”
 If you noticed in your life even one of the symptoms of the disease “complaining spirit,” go immediately to the Doctor “Word of God” and you will find spiritual healing.

by Hripsime Mkrtchyan

mercredi 21 avril 2010

I want to become a Bethany, the favorite place of my Lord

“And He left them and went out of the city to Bethany,
and spend the night there.”

Matthew 21:17

The Bethany was the favorite place of our Lord on the earth. He has often been a Guest of honor in this small village. (See passages in Mark 14:3; John 12:1,2; Matthew 21:17; and Mark 11:11). There lived three beloved people, Lazarus with his two sisters. There He received the true worship. There He was anointed with precious oil, receiving the most valuable thing that Mary had. There they made a supper especially for Him (John 12:2), there Martha served (John 12:2 Luke 10:40), and there Mary listened to His Words with a great desire. The best was offered to Jesus in Bethany. He was a desired Guest and He enjoyed being there. I want my heart be a Bethany, a place where my Lord likes to dwell. I want in my heart to worship and thirst for His Word like Mary did, to have love that gives preference to Jesus in everything, and readiness to serve like Lazarus and Martha had. I want to have the willingness to break my alabaster box at His feet.

Jesus, I want to become a Bethany, Your favorite dwelling-place.

samedi 2 mai 2009

Teach me Your statutes

(Psalm 119: 164, 26, 59, 64, 68, 82, 133, 134, 135)

Like the the psalmist, me too
I praise You seven times a day because of Your righteous judgments
And seven times I ask with all of my heart,
Teach me Your statutes.
I have declared my ways,
And in Your love You have answered me,
I have told you the desire of my heart;
Teach me Your statutes.
I thought about my ways,
I turned my feet to Your holy Words,
I come to You with the same request;
Teach me Your statutes.
The earrth is filled with Your mercy
I am delighted with Your beauty,
I bring before Your throne the same prayer;
Teach me Your statutes.
My soul faints for your salvation,
My heart is thirsty for Your sweet Word,
I am longing for Your consolation,
Teach me Your statutes.
Direct my steps by Your holy Word,
Redeem me from the oppression of men
Make Your face shine upon me all the time,
Teach me Your statutes.
The song of praise now rings in my heart,
You have comforted my afflicted soul
So I come and I ask You once more;
Teach me Your statutes.

mercredi 4 mars 2009

La maladie ”Esprit de plainte”

Dans le Royaume du Roi des rois, dans la ville de Louange habitait un enfant de Dieu. Un jour il a commencé à visiter des personnes qui habitaient dans le pays de la Religion, la ville du Mécontentement, sur la rue de l’Amertume et il a attrapé une maladie étrange. A cause de cette maladie il est devenu méconnaissable, ceux qui le voyaient ne pouvaient pas savoir qu’il était un enfant de Dieu. Les symptômes augmentaient tout le temps. D’abord il a perdu la mémoire; il oubliait prier, il oubliait chanter des chants de louange, il oubliait l’amour du Père celeste, il oubliait les choses joyeuses et se rappellait tout ce qui est triste, il se rappellait ses problèmes mais il oubliait les bénédictions reçues. Il avait aussi troubles de la vue; il pouvait voir les nuages mais pas le soleil, il voyait les tempêtes et les pluies mais pas l’arc-en-ciel, les épines mais pas les roses. Il est devenu si distrait qu’il a perdu la plupart des cadeaux que le Roi avait donné à tous les citoyens de Son Royaume; il a perdu la joie, la paix, la victoire, l’espoir et d’autres bon dons. Enfin il a décidé à consulter un médecin. Ainsi il est allé au Médecin qui s’appelle ’’Parole de Dieu” et il a présenté tous les symptômes. Le Médecin expérimenté a établi le diagnostic tout de suite: ”Cette maladie s’appelle ”esprit de plainte”. Dans ces jours le diable répand ce terrible virus partout. C’est une maladie très sérieuse et vous avez besoin d’une traitement urgent sinon elle peut causer une mort spirituelle”. Le Médecin lui a demandé d’aller à la Pharmacie des ’’Ecritures” et prendre les médicaments ”Romains 8:28”, ”Psaume 92:2,3”, ”Psaume 77:12” et d’autres ”antiplaintifs”. Il lui a expliqué comment il faut utiliser ces médicaments.
----- Prends le médicament ”Romains 8:28”. Rappelle-toi que ce n’est pas beaucoup de choses ou la plupart des choses qui contribuent au bien de ceux qui aiment Dieu, mais toutes choses. Quoi qu’il arrive Dieu contrôle chaque situation, et toutes les circonstances travaillent ensemble pour ton bien. Prends les médicaments ”Psaume 92:2,3”, ”Psaume 77:12”. Annonce la bonté du Seigneur chaque matin et Sa fidélité pendant les nuits. Rappelle les oeuvres de l’Eternel, souviens-toi de Ses merveilles d’autrefois. Aussi tu as besoin de quelques exercices utiles; le plus efficace c’est l’exercice qu’on appelle ”Rendez grâce en toutes choses” (1 Thess. 5:18). Quelles que soient tes détresses, même si tu es dans une situation sans issue tu dois remercier le Seigneur, parce que Sa volonté est toujours bonne.
----- C’est un exercice très difficile!
----- Il sera facile si tu utilise le médicament ”Romains 8:28” régulièrement et si tu fais les exercices préliminaires, deux exercices qui s’appellent ”Soyez toujours joyeux” (1 Thess. 5:16) et ”Priez sans cesse” 1 Thess. 5:17). Si tu fais ces deux exercices et si tu utilise les médicaments que j’ai prescrits, l’exercice qui s’appelle ”Rendez grâce en toutes choses” sera très facile. Un autre exercice utile c’est chanter des chants de louange. Aussi tu dois compter tes bénédictions. C’est vrai que leur nombre est trop grand pour que tu puisses les raconter toutes, mais essaie de faire une liste des bénédictions que le Seigneur te donne chaque jour. Fais attention, ne compte jamais tes problèmes et tes soucis.
---- Qu’est-ce que dois les faire?
---- Tu dois les porter au Roi (1Pierre 5:7, Psaume 55:23, Phil.4:6). Remets-les dans Ses mains et ne pense jamais de les reprendre.
---- Jusqu’à quand je dois prendre ces médicaments?
---- Dans toute ta vie! Après la guérison tu dois continuer à prendre les médicaments er faire les exercices sinon la maladie peut récidiver. Ces médicaments sont non seulement pour guérir mais aussi pour prévenir cette maladie. Aussi prends les ”vitamines de louange” qui se trouvent dans les rayon ”Psaumes” de la Pharmacie des ”Ecritures”.
L’enfant de Dieu voulait être guéri très vite, c’est pourquoi il a observé avec soin toutes les prescriptions du Médecin. Tous les symptômes ont disparu en peu de temps et il a été complètement guéri. Maintenant il chante la louange du Seigneur chaque jour, il prie sans cesse et se réjouit toujours, quoi qu’il arrive, il dit: ”Je ne comprends pas maintenant ce que mon Seigneur fait, mais je le comprendrai un jour”. Quand il rencontre de nouveau les habitants de la ville du Mécontentement il n’est plus infecté, mais il les conseille à consulter le Médecin ”Parole de Dieu” et aller à la Pharmacie des ”Ecritutes”.
Si tu as remarqué en toi même l’un de ces symptômes, va immédiatement au Médecin ”Parole de Dieu” et tu auras une bonne santé spirituelle.

Hripsimé Mkrtchyan
Traduite de l'arménien

jeudi 26 février 2009


(Psaume 51)

Seigneur, créé en moi un coeur pur,
Renouvelle en moi un esprit bien disposé,
Lave-moi, rends-moi plus blanc que la neige,
Seigneur, créé en moi un coeur pur,
Ne me retire pas Ton Esprit Saint,
Rends-moi la joie de Ton salut,
Seigneur, créé en moi un coeur pur,
Renouvelle en moi un esprit bien disposé.

Hripsimé Mkrtchyan
Traduit de l'arménien

jeudi 8 janvier 2009

Desiring the Lord's presence

(Psalms 26:8, 27:4, 61:4, 63:7, 84:10, 73:25,26)

I love the house where Your presence is,
The place, where Your glory dwells.
So one thing I ask You, only one thing I desire from all my heart;
I want to dwell in Your house all the days of my life.
I will live in Your holy place,
I'll rejoice in the shadow of Your wings.
Sweeter for me is one day in Your courts than thousand in other places.
You are the only One for me in heaven,
There is nothing on earth I desire besides You.
Though my heart and my flesh may fail,
I will always sing that You are the strength of my heart.

by Hripsime Mkrtchyan
Translated from Armenian

The gift of encouragement

In Romans 12:8 I have read something
Which made me glad:
I saw that encouraging is a gift too
Which is used for the edification of church.
I noticed with joy that I have this gift,
And I will use it with the help of my Lord.
I enjoy encouraging God's children,
I love to remind them about our God's love:
''Jesus loves you,
So do I with His love'',
''The Lord is Your refuge
You''ll be safe in His arms'',
''I pray for you and I know
That He will never leave you'',
''You are a blessing to me
And I ask His blessings for you''.
In the Bible I have met those who had this gift,
And they showed me how to use it.
Here is Barnabas, ''the son of encouragement''
Who encourages and exhorts:
''Remain faithful to the Lord with steadfast purpose'' (Acts 11:23),
The letters of Paul are always filled
With encouraging and loving words:
''I thank my God upon every remembrance of you,
In every prayer of mine making request for you'' (Phil.1:3),
''My beloved and longed-for brethren,
My joy and my crown,
Stand firm in the Lord, my beloved'' (Phil.4:1).
In his letter apostle James exhorts:
''You also be patient, establish your hearts,
For the coming of the Lord is at hand'' (James 5:8),
The beloved disciple of the Lord exhorts with much love,
''Beloved, let us love one another,
Everyone who loves is born of God'' (1 John 4:7).
These children of God served with love and joy
And they always used the gift of encouragement,
What a honor to be a co-worker with them!
by Hripsime Mkrtchyan
Translated from Armenian

mercredi 24 décembre 2008

They think evil about me, I think about Your Word

(Psalm 119:23,24)

The princes sit down and speak against me,
I am sitting before Your Holy Word,
They think evil about me,
I will meditate on Your precepts.
No one is with me but You,
Your precepts are my delight and my counselors,
Even if I am forgotten by everyone,
I will remember Your life-giving Words.

by Hripsime Mkrtchyan
Translated from Armenian

mardi 23 décembre 2008


(Psalm 119:33-37)

Teach me the way of Your statutes
And I shall keep it to the end,
In order that I observe Your law with my whole heart,
Teach me the way of Your statutes.
Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things,
Incline my heart to Your testimonies and not to covetousness,
Teach me the way of Your statutes
And I shall keep it to the end.

by Hripsime Mkrtchyan,
Translated from Armenian

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